Big 3 Racing Late model Heads up class
Additional fee $10 
Show your run card to purchase at Guest Services next to the Quarter Mile Clothing Company
Super Duty Promotions Ltd, PO Box 299, Willard, OH  44890  (567) 227-9011  
The Big 3 Late-Model Heads-up Class is an 1/8-mile, heads-up, small-tire class designed to showcase late-model Pontiac and GMC vehicles. 

Any '82 or newer Pontiac or GMC Bodied vehicle permitted. Model-year correct, factory installed, or LS-series are the only engines permitted in the Late Model Heads-up Class.  The use of a single power-adder is permitted.

RACING FORMAT for Saturday & Sunday
This class will be contested as an all-run, qualified-field, on an NHRA Sportsman Ladder with a .400 Pro Tree.
Purchase an entry card at Guest Services $10.00

Complete Class Rules Click Here
Win $500,  Runner-up $250, Semi $125

Late Model heads up entrants can participate in the Friday Test & Tune
Late Model heads up winners do not run in the “Chief of the Pontiacs” final