Ames Performance Pontiac Nationals

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Ames Performance Engineering Best In Class           


Full Size           

Kevin Haines    Brecksville, OH   1965 2 + 2           


Grand Prix           

John Hilson      Pittsburgh, PA    2002 GP 40th Anniversary           


GTO/ Judge           

Denny & Pat Kloha   Clio, MI      1967 GTO           


Firebird / Trans Am           

Chris Sutter    N Royalton, OH    1967 Firebird           



Bill Miller    Columbus, OH      1964 LeMans Convertible           


Long Distance           

Alan Witte from E Wenatchee, WA       2,408 Miles one way   

Editor’s Choice Awards

High Performance Pontiac Magazine

Smoke Signals Magazine


Class Winners      Click on the Class letter to move through the list.

P, ST-1, GP, ST-4, GT, JD, ST-2, FB, TA, ST-3, FH, CTA, F, GA, RC,
SD, SP, SOL, SS, SU, ST-5, C, PRO, GM, ST-6


P-0 Pontiac Pre-War 1926 thru 1942           

1st Joseph Reitz  Avon Lake, OH   1936 Business Coupe 2 Dr     

2nd Jerome Lynch  Louisville, KY   1940 Business Coupe 2 Dr     

3rd Bob Mangina  Akron, OH   1941 Torpedo 2 Dr Sedan     


P-1 Pontiac Post War 1946 thru 1954           

1st Matthew Franta  Canton, OH   1951 Streamliner Wagon     


P-2 Pontiac 1955 thru 1960           

1st Gary Parker  Spencerport, NY   1955 Custom Safari Wagon     

2nd Ron Himes  Wooster, OH   1956 Superior Combination Coach     

3rd  Bill Vance  Mercer, PA   1957 Chieftain 2 Dr Hardtop     


P-3 Pontiac 1961 thru 1965           

1st Jack Anderson   Newark, DE  1965 2 + 2 Sports Coupe     

2nd Mark Tilson   South Euclid, OH  1964 2 + 2 Convertible     

3rd Marty Schonberger   Chesterland, OH  1962 Catalina Convertible     


P-4 Pontiac 1966 thru 1970           

1st Gary Kittle   Warren, OH  1966 2 + 2 Hardtop     

2nd Michael Strong   Dubuque, IA  1966 2 + 2 Hardtop     

3rd Jim Semon   Sandusky, OH  1967 Ventura Convertible     


P-5 Pontiac 1971 thru 1986           

1st Jen & Jon Saulnier   Sturgis, MI  1978 Bonneville Brougham 2 Dr Coupe     

2nd  Julie Drummond   Marion, OH  1973 Bonneville 4 Dr Sedan     

3rd Walt Lucas   Fairview Park, OH  1979 Bonneville 2 Dr Coupe     


P-6 Pontiac 1987 to End           

1st Gene Scheer   Moline, IL  2009 G8 GXP 4 Dr     

2nd Charles Cordle   Orient, OH  2008 G8 GT     

3rd Jim Forster   Akron, OH  2008 G8 4 Dr     


ST-1 Street Full Size Pontiacs           

1st Terry Ford   Oakdale, MN  1965 2 + 2 Sport Coupe     

2nd Travis Heier   Plainfield, IN  2009 G8 GT     

3rd Gary Brock   Stanton, KY  1966 2 + 2 Convertible     


GP-1 Grand Prix 1962 to 1968        

1st Dale & Aurora Krasienko   Sheffield Village, OH  1962 Grand Prix  

2nd  Richard & Judy Hetz   Fairview, PA  1965 Grand Prix  

3rd Mike Giuliano   Lakewood, OH  1963 Grand Prix  

GP-2 Grand Prix 1969 to 1972 incl Hurst SSJ         

1st David Risner  Mansfield, OH  1969 Grand Prix SJ    

2nd Greg Call  White Lake, MI  1970 Grand Prix SJ    

3rd Jeff Glasgo  Akron, OH  1972 Grand Prix SSJ    


GP-3 Grand Prix 1973 to 1977 incl 50th Anniversary         

1st Dave Rust  Pittsburgh, PA  1976 Grand Prix SJ    


GP-4 Grand Prix 1978 to 1987 incl 2+2         

1st Dave Shega  Brunswick, OH  1981 Grand Prix LJ    

2nd Mark Grandon  Sebring, OH  1987 Grand Prix    

3rd Mike Young  Bucyrus, OH  1986 Grand Prix 2+2 Aero Coupe    


GP-6 Grand Prix 1997 to End incl STE, GTP, Pace Cars         

1st Tom Thacker  Lorain, OH  2007 Grand Prix    

2nd Robert Charney  Kittanning, PA  2002 Grand Prix GTP    

3rd Scott Scheel  Indianapolis, IN  1999 Grand Prix     


ST-4  Street Grand Prix         

1st Terry Frosch  Curtice, OH  1971 Grand Prix Model J    

2nd Stan Vansach  Spencer, OH  1964 Grand Prix    

3rd Richard Goe  Medina, OH  1968 Grand Prix 2 Dr Hardtop    

GT-1 GTO  1964 - 1965         

1st Robert Baltzly  Navarre, OH  1965 GTO    

2nd Jim Evans  Pataskala, OH  1965 GTO Convertible    

3rd Ron Buffa  Hinckley, OH  1965 GTO 2 Dr Post Coupe    


GT-2 GTO 1966 - 1967         

1st Thomas J Norman II  Bellevue, OH  1967 GTO Convertible    

2nd Tom Hamilton  Lancaster, OH  1967 GTO      

3rd Jerry Siefker  Ottawa, OH  1967 GTO    


GT-3 GTO 1968 - 1970         

1st Rick Humes  Knox, IN  1968 GTO    

2nd Stan Ubben  Mount Morris, IL  1968 GTO    

3rd Joe & Ginny Favazzo  Blacklick, OH   1969 GTO    


GT-4 GTO  1971 - 1974         

1st Carl Maar  North Royalton, OH  1971 GTO    

2nd Pete Trihas  North Ridgeville, OH  1971 GTO    

3rd Jack Scott  Orwell, OH  1971 GT-37    


GT-5 GTO 2004 - 2006         

1st Gary & Barb Gordan  Beaver Falls, PA  2006 GTO Coupe    

2nd Terry Bush  Breesport, NY  2005 GTO    

3rd Marcus Hooley  Sheffield Lake, OH  2004 GTO    


JD  GTO Judge All         

1st Jack Scott  Orwell, OH  1969 GTO Judge Convertible    

2nd Manny Mathiellis  North Ridgeville, OH  1969 GTO Judge      

3rd Dave Schimmel  Moundsville, WV  1969 GTO Judge    


ST-2 Class was split 6 ways         


ST-2A  Split Street Tempest / LeMans / T-37 / GT-37         

1st Bill Twigger  Strongsville, OH  1973 LeMans Sport Coupe    

2nd Jerry Steinbrick  Parma, OH  1963 Tempest Station Wagon    

3rd Norma & Jim Schafer  Norwalk, OH   1968 LeMans 2 Dr Coupe    


ST-2B  Split Street GTO  1964 - 1965         

1st Ron Cozzo  Delaware, OH  1964 GTO Hardtop    

2nd Orvil Osche  Saxonburg, PA  1965 GTO Hardtop    

3rd Keith Carter  Lebanon, OH  1965 GTO Hardtop    


ST-2C  Split Street GTO 1966 - 1967         

1st Chuck Sivils  Springfield, OH  1966 GTO Convertible    

2nd Wayne Sommers  Hartsburg, MO  1967 GTO Convertible    

3rd Joe De'Angelis  Medina, OH  1967 GTO Post Coupe    


ST-2D  Split Street GTO  1968 - 1970         

1st Cynthia Cable  Allison Park, PA  1969 GTO    

2nd Jim Kowalski  Dimondale, MI  1969 GTO Judge    

3rd Jim & Deb Clouse  Tiffin, OH  1969 GTO    


ST-2E  Split Street GTO  1971 - 1974         

1st Terry Berry  Marion, OH  1972 GTO    

2nd Doug Kellar  Fenton, MI  1971 GTO    

3rd Steve Cellucci  Webster, NY  1972 GTO Hardtop    


ST-2F  Split Street GTO 2004 - 2006         

1st John Hoffman  Westerville, OH  2006 GTO Coupe    

2nd Kirk McFarland  Waterford, PA  2004 GTO    

FB-1  Firebird 1967 - 1969         

1st George Farley  Ferndale, MI  1969 Firebird Convertible    

2nd Linda & Mark Evans  Chelsea, MI  1968 Firebird Convertible    

3rd Tim Richards  Lorain, OH  1968 Firebird Convertible    


FB-2  Firebird 1970 1/2 - 81 incl Formula         

1st George Berg  White Plains, MD  1973 Firebird Formula Coupe    

2nd Kevin Riedel  Maumee, OH  1976 Firebird Formula    

3rd Tim Harmon  Toldeo, OH  1978 Firebird Esprit    


FB-3  Firebird 1982 - 1992 incl Formula         

1st Keith Sorgen  Monroeville, IN  1986 Firebird Coupe    


FB-4  Firebird 1993 - 2002 incl Formula         

1st Carol & Ken Walters  Huron, OH  2002 Firebird Convertible    

2nd Nathan & Kristen Call  Troy, OH  2002 Firebird Formula    



TA-1  Trans Am 1969 - 1974         

1st William Hartge  Somerset, PA  1970 Trans Am    

2nd Jack Scott  Orwell, OH  1971 Trans Am    

3rd George Berg  White Plains, MD  1972 Trans Am    


TA-2  Trans Am 1975 - 1981         

1st David Merricks  Danville, VA  1977 Trans Am SE    

2nd Lew Loren  Hillsdale, MI  1978 Trans Am    

3rd Janice D'Egidio  North Olmsted, OH  1975 Trans Am    


TA-3  Trans Am 1982 - 1992         

1st Donnie Smith  Toledo, OH  1987 Trans Am GTA    

2nd Wayne Peters  Olmsted Twp, OH  1986 Trans Am    

3rd Lindsay Myers  Clarkston, MI  1987 Trans Am GTA    


TA-4  Trans Am 1993 - 2002 incl GTA         

1st Jack & Debra Soulidis  Toledo, OH  2000 Trans Am WS6    

2nd Bob & Beth Landrum  Amherst, OH  2000 Trans Am WS6    

3rd Thomas Maher  Toledo, OH  1997 Trans Am WS6    


ST-3   Split 3 ways         


ST-3A  Split Street Firebird / Trans Am  1st Generation         

1st David Hogle  Bellville, OH  1968 Firebird    

2nd Rich Barnett  Willard, OH  1968 Firebird    

3rd Rob Householder  Findlay, OH  1967 Firebird 400 Convertible    


ST-3B  Split Street Firebird / Trans Am 2nd Generation         

1st Frank Glyda  Maumee, OH  1978 Trans Am    

2nd Kristina Billings  Akron, OH  1971 Firebird Formula    

3rd Jerry Brushaber  North Ridgeville, OH  1976 Trans Am    


ST-3C  Split Street Firebird / Trans Am 3rd & 4th Generation         

1st Terry Greenleaf  Medina, OH  2000 Trans Am WS6    

2nd Bill & Brenda Downing  Milford, OH  2002 Trans Am    

3rd Jim & Linda Lucas  Newark, OH  2001 Trans Am WS6    



FH  Firehawk   Split 2 ways         


FH-A  Firehawk  Split  1993 - 1999         

1st Bonnie Hutsell  Monticello, IN  1996 Firehawk    

2nd Kelvin Koch  Monroe, OH  1995 Firehawk    

3rd Gene Lease  Dayton, OH  1993 Firehawk    


FH-B  Firehawk  Split  2000 - 2002         

1st Rick Keller  Reading, PA  2002 Firehawk    

2nd Lorne Linkes  Monroe, MI  2002 Firehawk    

3rd Justin Carr  Bloomington, IL  2002 Firehawk    


CTA  Comp T/A  All         

1st Brian Niemann  Jeffersonville, IN  1995 Comp TA    

2nd Kevin & Sarah Day  Jackson, MI  1995 Comp TA    

3rd Kevin Shar  Canfield, OH  1996 Comp TA    


F-1  Fiero Coupe / SE          

1st Richard Suhr  Norwalk, OH  1988 Fiero Formula     

2nd Ken Miller  Rossford, OH  1984 Fiero SE     


F-2  Fiero GT          

1st George Johnson  Sandusky, OH  1985 Fiero GT     

2nd Jeff Kadusky  Medina, OH  1988 Fiero GT     

3rd Randy Leiby  Wellington, OH  1987 Fiero GT     



GA-1  Grand Am  1973 - 1980 RWD          

1st Jamey Gladden  Bellevue, OH  1973 Grand Am     


GA-3  Grand Am  1993 - End including G6          

1st Liz Leonard  Columbiana, OH  2007 G6 GT Coupe Convertible     



RC  Race Car, any Pontiac bodied competition car          

1st Raymond DeCrescenzo  Clifton Park, NY  1963 Tempest Coupe     

2nd Keith Vrabec  Bear Creek Twp, PA  1969 Grand Prix Nascar     

3rd Charles Tyrrell  Monroe, MI  1963 Tempest Station Wagon     



SD  Super Duty, Authentic '62 & '63 Stock appearing          

1st Alan Witte & Larry Witte  E Wenatchee, WA  1963 Catalina SD Swiss Cheese HT     



SP  Split 2 ways          


SP-A  Split Tempest / LeMans/ Can Am 1961 - 1963          

1st Herman Ruple  Orion, MI  1963 LeMans Convertible     

2nd Don Casteel  Pickerington, OH  1962 Tempest LeMans Convertible     

3rd Charlie Brean  Doylestown, OH  1963 LeMans Convertible     


SP-B  Split Tempest / LeMans/ Can Am 1964 - 1977          

1st Gary Nagel  Beaver Falls, PA  1971 LeMans Sport Coupe     

2nd Russ Laird  Hermitage, PA  1969 Custom S Convertible     

3rd Pete Rust  Bethel Park, PA  1977 Can Am     



SOL  Solstice All          

1st Mark Pfeiffer  Ravenna, OH  2007 Solstice GXP Convertible     

2nd Bryce Acheson  Port Clinton, OH  2008 Solstice GXP Convertible     

3rd Marge Sawruk  White Lake, MI  2007 Solstice Convertible     



SS  Show Special          

1st Dale Niese  Leipsic, OH  2010 ZTA Zada     

2nd John Malek  Streetsboro, OH  2002 Trans Am Black Bird Prototype     



SU  Aztek, Transport, Montana, Vibe, Torrent  All Years          

1st Matt Eckman  Beaver Falls, PA  2007 Torrent SUV     

2nd Joanne Nott  Lorain, OH  2001 Aztek SUV     



ST-5  Street Pontiac Open includes all Grand Am          

1st Scott Swisher  Clinton, OH  1985 Fiero 2M6     

2nd George Johnson  Sandusky, OH  1987 Fiero GT     

3rd Jack Gunsett  Horton, MI  1985 Fiero SE     



C-1  Custom Full Size Pontiacs & Oaklands          

1st Charles Ide  Toledo, OH  1941 Torpedo 2 Dr Convertible     

2nd Bob Deal  Walbridge, OH  1932 4 Dr Sedan     

3rd Steve Lepard  Tiffin, OH  1957 Chieftain 2 Dr     


C-2  Custom GTO / Judge/ Tempest / LeMans          

1st Brad Mahle  Clarion, PA  1967 GTO     

2nd Barry Penfound  Elyria, OH  1964 GTO "Sabertooth"     

3rd Frank Arnold  Millersburg, OH  1967 GTO     


C-3  Custom Firebird & Trans Am          

1st Michael Leggio  Temperance, MI  1978 Trans Am     

2nd Jesse Frye  Fredericktown, OH  1967 Firebird     

3rd Ryan Forte  Windsor, Ontario  1968 Firebird     


C-4  Custom  Open          

1st Tom & Deb Bradfield  Logansport, IN  2008 Solstice Custom Convertible     

2nd Marc Gross  Bellevue, OH  1978 Grand Am     


C-5  Pro Touring          

1st Leslie Jones  Cumming, GA  1968 Firebird Convertible     

2nd Nathan Baker  Angola, IN  1969 Firebird     

3rd Marc Gaymon  Dayton, OH  1969 Firebird     



PRO  Pro Street Vechicles Cars & Trucks          

1st Ron Kintz  Uniontown, OH  1962 Grand Prix HT     

2nd Robert Staples  Pike, NY  1969 Firebird     

3rd Rob Belch  Allenton, MI  1968 Firebird     



GM-1  GMC  All thru 1972          

1st Jim Semon, Jr  Sandusky, OH  1959 GMC DF860 Truck     


GM-2  GMC  All 1973 to Current          

1st Dorman Scott  Aliquippa, PA  2012 Terrain SUV     

2nd Terry Frosch  Curtice, OH  2006 Sierra Denali     

3rd Jeffrey Bucklew  Bowling Green, OH  1979 Sierra Grande     


ST-6  Street GMC          

1st Rick Patrick  Garrettsville, OH  1968 GMC 2500 Pick Up