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Bracket classes are for Pontiac Body and/or Pontiac Engine
No Double entries;  A car cannot be entered in 2 classes.
There are 2 races; 1 on Saturday; 1 on Sunday
NHRA rules apply
Beginning one (1) hour after racing ends, all motorized vehicles will be parked
and foot traffic only is permitted. Super Pro 0-11.99
Win $1000, Runner Up $500, Semi $125, Qtr $75
Delay Boxes are allowed
Throttle stops & air throttles only as a Starting line launch control & NOT as “Down track” throttle stops
NO stutter/sputter boxes
NO real-time data computers

Super Duty Promotions Pro 0-14.99
Win $1000, Runner Up $500, Semi $125, Qtr $75, 8ths $50, 16ths, $30
NO Delay Boxes
NO Throttle stops & air throttles
NO electronics: Electronics rule will defer to NHRA rules
Transbrakes, 2-steps & air shifters are allowed
A high side chip on stick shift cars is allowed

Tin Indian Performance Street Open Dial-In
Win $500, R/U $250, Semi $100, Qtr $50
DOT legal tires
Closed Exhaust

Please Note: A Fixed mechanical throttle stop that cannot be adjusted or overridden, while the car is in motion, is allowed in all classes except Street.
The following rules need to be followed by everyone operating a vehicle at the event:

Please respect other guests who are also trying to enjoy the event. The use of golf carts, ATVs, 4 x 4s, scooters, etc to get around the facility is a PRIVILEGE!  We will be forced to limit use on the spectator side of the track, if riders are inconsiderate to guests who are walking. Please obey all signage that restricts vehicle movement. Certain areas are for foot traffic only.

All wheeled vehicles must be operated by a licensed driver.  This includes golf carts, ATVs, mini bikes, bicycles, scooters, skateboards, etc. This means NO CHILDREN operating any vehicle.

Kids riding bicycles or driving golf carts will be asked to go back to their pit space, swap space, or car show space. If we see them a 2nd time, the vehicle will be confiscated.

No wheeled vehicles should be in the Vendor Midway without permission from Super Duty Promotions.  Personal mobility vehicles are exempt.

Golf carts, ATVs, 4 x 4s, scooters, bicycles, are NOT ALLOWED on the car show field.

In the Swap Meet field, driving is restricted to the designated grass aisles marked on the field.

Arrangements can be made at the Swap Meet sign up tent to move heavy parts to your vehicle.

Non-participant vehicles are NOT ALLOWED in the Swap Meet or on the Car Show field.

Racer's can have these vehicles in the pit area.